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Generative AI, a pinnacle of technological innovation, seamlessly blends machine learning with creativity, autonomously producing diverse content across art, music, design, and beyond. Its collaborative potential with human creators is awe-inspiring, offering fresh perspectives and breaking creative barriers. Yet, as we embrace its transformative power, ethical considerations remain paramount. In this dynamic landscape, generative AI propels us towards a future where creativity knows no bounds, inspiring innovation and imagination at every turn.

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✓ OT Security & others Generative AI Services

We can deliver a production-grade application from design to deployment using AI : This indicates that the speaker or team is capable of developing AI-powered applications ready for real-world use, covering the entire software development process from initial design to deployment. The emphasis is on expertise in AI technologies and techniques, suggesting proficiency in areas like machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and more.

Deep Learning Solutions
Harnessing advanced algorithms and neural networks to extract valuable insights from complex datasets, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and enhance productivity.
Multimedia Big Data
Utilizing advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to analyze multimedia data in healthcare settings, enabling personalized treatments, remote monitoring, and predictive analytics for improved patient outcomes.
IT and OT Security
Offering comprehensive security solutions to protect critical infrastructure, networks, & systems from cyber threats, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, & availability of data assets.
Smart Home and Smart City Solutions
The smart city is an evolution of a smart home. Designing smart infrastructure and connected ecosystems to enhance urban living, promote sustainability, and improve resource management through intelligent technologies.
Cyber Security Services
Providing robust cyber defense strategies, threat detection, and incident response mechanisms to mitigate risks and safeguard organizations from cyber-attacks and data breaches.
e-Health and Smart Therapy
Utilizing advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to analyze multimedia data in healthcare settings, enabling personalized treatments, remote monitoring, and predictive analytics.
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Smart Hajj and Umrah

Smart Hajj and Umrah application has been designed to provide pilgrims all the necessary steps required performing Hajj based on user’s day, time and location. It also helps you to track Fard, Wajib and Sunnah of Hajj, based on your current location.

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Multimedia Diary

This work presents a crowdsourced geo-spatial multimedia data aggregation tool that allows users to develop diary chapters relevant to forthcoming users’ spatio-temporal activities. Our developed system provides users with the ability to add POIs through an authoring environment with multiple dimensions, such as spatio-temporal filters, multimedia categories, and event types. Specific application domains such as emergency situations, leisure trips, journalism, and tourism can take benefit of this technique.

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E-Health Products

Our e-health product suite offers innovative solutions for personalized therapy creation, gesture-based accessibility, and clinical data management. Features include tailored therapy authoring, multi-sensory gesture-based login, serious games for physical therapy, and intuitive data browsing. With support for multimedia big data and smart home appliance control, our products aim to enhance healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. Through ongoing research and development, we strive to continually improve e-health services and accessibility for all.
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One of our Industrial Project

We delivered the first Automated License Plate Recognition system through Madinah Municipality (Amanah) Department’s garbage truck equipped with IoT and AI nodes running Deep Learning algorithms. The project has been used to recognize and share live license plates from Madinah roads to Criminal Investigation Department. The project is jointly performed through UPM and MRDA.

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