Multimedia Security and Watermarking

Multimedia Security and Watermarking
Multimedia content is used by almost every discipline nowadays in many applications such as government, finance, health care and the law. In many of these institutions’ sensitive applications, it is mission critical and often a requirement to secure the multimedia content through authentication and access control mechanisms. In the domain of multimedia security and forensics, we will investigate techniques to identify the illegal copying, altering and distribution of digital media such as audio, images video, and other binary contents. To achieve this, we will employ techniques such as watermarking, adaptive encryption of digital media, digital fingerprinting for multimedia content protection, and multimedia forensics. Following are some salient research areas that we will be working on:
  • Digital watermarking and authentication e.g. developing secure multicasting protocol which is watermark-aware.
  • Multimedia forensics
  • Usable security involving multimedia such as CAPTCHAs, graphical passwords, security visualization, and fractals
  • Multimedia coding and visual quality assessment for standards such as JPEG2000 and MPEG-4
  • Quality of protection (QoP) for multimedia by exploring the means and effects of including security parameters within Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Security protocols for multimedia streaming application
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