Multimedia for Identifying User Emotion

Multimedia for Identifying User Emotion
In this research theme we will study the media to capture, express and evaluate human emotion. For example, we will study methods to recognize human facial emotional expression, extract human emotion from nonverbal expression and other human physiological sources.
  • Neural mechanisms of human emotions
  • Contagion of emotions
  • Feature extraction from emotions in human voice and face
  • Effect of emotion on human vital parameters such as heart rate and blood pressure
  • Algorithms for automatic identification and recognition of human face from extracted emotion
  • Multimedia hardware, software, and frameworks to capture user emotion
  • Identifying and modeling emotions of disabled people
  • Machine learning algorithms for emotion expression
  • Tagging emotion value to social network data such as email, SMS and Twitter messages, which embeds or portrays human emotion
  • Modeling emotional disorder such as anxiety or fear from physiological parameters e.g. facial muscle and heart rate
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