Haptic and E-Touch

Haptic and E-Touch
The haptic research track at the Media Lab will investigate techniques of how to transmit information through the sense of touch through intuitive and effective haptic interfaces, improve the quality of haptic feedback, and handle the effects of network parameters such as delay and jitter for enhancing the realism of virtual and teleoperated environments. We will study biomechanics of touch, computational theory of haptics, state of the art haptic devices and software tools. The following are some of the sub-areas of haptics-based research.
  • Haptic based biometric system
  • Multimodal approach of haptic interaction
  • Haptics for bridging gaps between virtual and real world
  • Haptics for social media such as adding haptics to feel YouTube video
  • Haptic audiovisual framework
  • Measuring quality of experience in haptic applications
  • Haptic teleconferencing
  • Teleoperation and haptics for surgery
  • Haptics for rehabilitation and disability
  • Haptic for emotional communication
  • Feeling objects in a virtual world using mobile devices
  • Interdisciplinary haptics e.g. human haptics, machine haptics, computer haptics and multimedia haptics
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