Connected Technology Trends 2015

Connected Technology Trends 2015The Christmas Period is now closer and technology lovers dig deep in their pockets to get that craved tech gizmo they have been waiting to lay their hands on for months after a great deal of demos, keynotes, and presentations where the new crown jewel is explained in such painful detail we cannot imagine how to live without it. Here is our Connected Consumer wish list for the coming year.

Excuse me, have you got the time?
From the creators of the iPhone comes another element that shares a story with the rest of Apple killer products. Never the first to reach a market, they have a unique way of reinventing the concept and design in such an attractive way that their products become instant success stories. The Apple Watch will surely be one of the most sought connected devices in 2015. The Watch syncs with our iPhone gaining access to our favourite apps allowing us to zoom in with the corona buttons. The retina display and spectacular design comes in 3 different styles and it has been selected as one of the 25 Best Inventions of 2014 by TIME Magazine.

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